World Student Summit presented an international symposium, World Innovation Forum Tokyo 2017, for youth held for encourage them to expose, optimize their potentials, and be brave to imagine, innovate and actualize themselves in global community. Introducing the theme ‘Contribute Your Innovation and Imagination for a Brighter Future’, the symposium was held on November 1st, 2018 in University of Tokyo. Attended by students, as the delegates, from several universities in Indonesia, this symposium strongly empower the delegates to contribute in global through innovation.


The symposium invited two expert speakers from different background that concerned on innovation. Considering the theme ‘Contribute Your Innovation and Imagination for a Brighter Future’, the first speaker Takeshi Mitsuishi as the founder and CEO of NI Cybersecurity Inc, pursued the topic discussing about The Future Technology towards the Global Challenges. The other outstanding speaker was Jayson D. Pankin as co-founder, president and CEO of AutoHaarvest Foundation presenting topicv entitled Imagine, Innovative and Be an Entrepreneur. The symposium also was conducted by great moderator, Ratih Hikmah Puspita who also had experienced in conducting entrepreneurial and youth symposium. Furthermore, the symposium was not merely a symposium, since there were also focus group and discussion that sharpened delegates’ mindset about contribution and innovation, and educative game to inbound the delegates. And you, all you have to do now is register your name and get involved in our next symposium, we’ll see you on another World Student Summit program!